Podcast Episode 39: Cam opens up about a health scare; Cheating in hockey; Kassian/Tkachuk fight


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Topics Include:

  • Cam talks about losing both parents in three months and shares a couple hockey stories about his mom
    • One story includes a street fight Cam had where his mom tried to help being armed with a wooden spoon
  • Mid-point check in to the hockey season – how’s Cam’s Cup pick, Tampa Bay Lightning doing?
  • Cam’s thoughts on the Kassian/Tkachuk ‘fight’ and why is he so disappointed in George Parros?
  • What bugs Cam about his videos on Youtube, including the recent one with Tom Rowe
  • A listener asks if there is cheating in hockey, similar to cheating in baseball with the Houston Astros
  • Cam remembers teammate JC Migneault and how JC had one of the worst injuries Cam has seen in hockey
  • We end the episode with Cam sharing his story about a health incident that he didn’t want to share until his parents passed

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