Podcast Episode 39: Cam opens up about a health scare; Cheating in hockey; Kassian/Tkachuk fight


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Topics Include:

  • Cam talks about losing both parents in three months and shares a couple hockey stories about his mom
    • One story includes a street fight Cam had where his mom tried to help being armed with a wooden spoon
  • Mid-point check in to the hockey season – how’s Cam’s Cup pick, Tampa Bay Lightning doing?
  • Cam’s thoughts on the Kassian/Tkachuk ‘fight’ and why is he so disappointed in George Parros?
  • What bugs Cam about his videos on Youtube, including the recent one with Tom Rowe
  • A listener asks if there is cheating in hockey, similar to cheating in baseball with the Houston Astros
  • Cam remembers teammate JC Migneault and how JC had one of the worst injuries Cam has seen in hockey
  • We end the episode with Cam sharing his story about a health incident that he didn’t want to share until his parents passed

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Podcast Episode 17: Cam Connor talks Concussions

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In today’s episode, Kris talks about knocking out his front tooth over the weekend and compares it to how, in all Cam’s years of fighting, he never lost a tooth. What was his secret? And why isn’t his nose all banged up either?

Kris brings up an interesting fact that Cam played pro hockey without wearing socks in his skates – he skated barefoot. Who recommended this tactic and who recommended he run around in his hockey skates in his backyard during the summer?

Cam shares a hilarious story about Frank Beator who was wanted by the police who showed up between periods to come get Frank, but Frank outsmarted them. You’ll never guess where he hid.

A listener question about who Cam thinks is the toughest player currently playing in the NHL.

Cam then goes into the background of concussions in the 1970s/80s and how the term concussion was never ever discussed and goes into details about the ‘tough it out’ culture when he played.

To end the episode, Cam opens up about his struggles with concussion symptoms to this day.

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