Podcast Awards Nomination


The View From the Penalty Box podcast is included in two nomination categories – People’s Choice and Sports.

If you have a minute, we would really appreciate if you went and voted for us in the two categories and help this little podcast compete against the big ones!

Voting here: Podcast Awards (click on the blue button that says Nominations Now Open).

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Edmonton Oilers vs. Pittsburgh Penguins 1980 Brawl

In anticipation of tonight’s Edmonton Oilers vs Pittsburgh Penguins game, here’s a throwback clip from 1980 of an epic brawl that I got to witness first hand. Watch the crowd reaction and how pissed off Glen Sather gets.

This all happens because Kim Clackson whacked Wayne Gretzky on the side of his head with his stick.

I share a quick memory with lowetide here: https://lowetide.ca/…/13/game-56-2018-19-oilers-at-penguins/


Great article from Cam Connor’s time with the Houston Aeros

What a fun article about playing for the Houston Aeros and now there are some new stories to share on the podcast – going to a cemetery at high school and sinking into a fresh grave & that Gunsmoke party with a lion that doesn’t like the smell of alcohol (as I was holding wine).