Podcast Episode 51: Cam shares when he spotted a UFO; What happened to the Edmonton Oilers; Montreal/Toronto Game 6

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We have a fun podcast today where Cam Connor covers a range of topics including:

-An update on the Montreal Canadiens/Toronto Maple Leafs playoff series

-What will it be like for the Habs and Leafs to finally play in front of a crowd

-How’s Cam enjoying the press he’s been doing the past week?

-Cam talks about his recent social media posts including a new photo he found of Gordie Howe

-What happened to the Edmonton Oilers? What would Cam do if he was in charge?

-Why does he disagree with the Oilers GM that they need more scoring power

-What he learned from Glen Sather about playing with a superstar

-A listener asks when was the last time he interacted with Scotty Bowman and what was Bowman’s coaching style compared to Glen Sather?

-Cam recounts a story in the Nevada Desert in the dead of night when we encountered a UFO, listen to the story and see what you think.

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Podcast Episode 50: Cam Connor gets Candid about Listenthat Double Overtime Goal

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With our 50th episode coinciding with the Toronto Maple Leafs and Montreal Canadiens finally meeting (after over 40 years in the playoffs), a lot of fans have remembered Cam Connor’s double overtime winning goal.

We thought Cam would get candid with his time in Montreal and scoring that goal, including

-crooked agents that persuaded Cam to go to the WHA (instead of  Montreal)
-signing the largest contract of a junior player coming out of Canada
-What was Cam’s NHL salary and what did the WHA offer?
-How his guaranteed contract turned out not to be guaranteed
-Recalling his time spent being coached by Scott Bowman and why was he so nasty to Cam?
-Did Cam think he would play at all during the playoffs?
-Was that goal truly a fluke? 
-What was Ken Dryden’s role in having Cam play during the playoffs?
-What did Cam analyze about Palmateer?
-How does Cam feel about the polarizing feedback of this goal?
-Cam goes into depth about that controversial Dave Hodge interview on Hockey Night in Canada, does Cam wish he ended the interview instead of finishing it and why was Hodge so rude to Cam?

As always, Cam also makes his Stanley Cup prediction.

Connect with Cam Connor:
Email: viewfromthepenaltybox@gmail.com. Twitter:https://www.twitter.com/CamConnorNHL. Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/CamConnorNHL. Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/ViewfromthePenaltyBox/
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