Podcast Episode 34:Cam recalls a fight that could have banned him for life and new hockey season predictions


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We’re back for episode 34. Topics include:

-Recapping the St Louis Blues Stanley Cup win (since we were on summer hiatus)

-Early predictions for the upcoming hockey season, what team will Cam choose?

-Tom Laidlaw on Survivor, how does Cam think he’s doing

-Cam says goodbye to his Dad

-What was the dirtiest arena to play in? Cam’s choice involves rats, garden hoses and cockroaches.


-Hockey fighting tales and Cam recalls a fight that would have barred him for life if it happened now

-What advice did Cam recently give Nugent Hopkins of the Edmonton Oilers

-Fighting with Paul Baxter

-What travel advice did Gordie Howe give Cam that he still follows today

-Was it easy for fans to sneak into the dressing room back in Cam’s day

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